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  • roller shutter door machin
    this kind of machine consist of uncoiler,guiding euquipment,roll forming system,hydraulic system ,cutting system ,PLC control system and support table ...
  • Type:roller shutter door machin
  • Standard:roller shutter door machin
  • Size:18m*1.5m*1.4m
  • Usage:roller shutter

Product Description

 Standard Equipment of Machine: 

Uncoiler 1 set
Guiding Equipment 1 set
Roll Forming Equipment   1 set
Post Cut Equipment 1 set
Hydraulic Station  1  pc
PLC Control  1  pc
Supporter Table 2  pc


 The Technical Parameters: 

Suitable raw material Color steel sheet; Galvanized steel sheet
Thickness of the material 0.8m to 1.2mm
Yield strength of material 235Mpa
Uncoiler' s loading capacity Max. Capacity: 5000Kgs. (can be increased to be 10 tons)
Forming speed About 15-20m/min
Main motor power 18Kw(Depend on final design)
Hydraulic station power 5.2Kw(Depend on final design)
Controling System Mitsubishi PLC & converter
Votage 380V, 3 phase 60Hz or according to at buyer' s requirment
Quantity of the roller group At lest 15 groups(depend on final design)
Machine dimension About 18m*1.5m*1.4m(depend on final design)
Total weight About 10000kgs(depend on final design)



 Product Pictures: 





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