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Before Sale:
We have full arranged all the documents and related profiles for the products which we can supply, including the price, specifications and the related packing information for the diffirent products.

- P2P services mode
According to the process in our company, one client will talk to only one sales during the discussion, and the rest will be taken control by our system, the completely CRM system will take the control of all the business progress, the customer don't need to talk to many sales and related people to finish the Job, just send the inquiry, place the order, that's all.

- Steel Structure
The full support team include the designer, engineer, trade. We are ready to design any project according to the client's requirments.

- Steel tile
Based on the raw material, we have prepaired the related documents for the corrugated steel, roof tile, sandwich panel and other related products, if our clients have any request, we can make the quick response regarding to the inquiry and save the time for any of our clients.

- Machinery
The related technical and the trade department stay together to make the quick response for any special requirments come from the diffirent clients, we are sure, our efficiency work will win more profit for our customers.

- Marketing
We always take our responsiblity to promote the best products to the world wide, we focus ourself on the new market development and help our client to get more clients through our business platform.

- Trade
The proffessional sales deal with every order and inquiry from our customer very carefull to try our best to help our customer save more during the business.
After sale
We always consider the services is more than anything in the business.

- Documents
We prepair every documents according to the regulations, we provide related documents for the business efficiency, accurate.

- Quality of the products
Before every shipments, we will send our QC to the factory to make sure that the goods is been ready, the quantity is correct, and the quality is full based on the customer's requirments. If anything happened after the customer get the goods, we will make the quick response for any complaint or suggestions about the business. We are trying to satisified every clients.

- Financial
The professional financial team will help our customer to control every payment, and secure the payment for every order, the accurate debit note will be provided if our customer want and also provide the best services for the internal business proccess.

- Complaint and suggestions
Any complaint and suggestions are welcomed for us, we will try our best to improve our job to fit for the best services during the business.


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