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Contact Person: Angel fan
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As soon as we received your Inquiry/Order, the related sales of the products you required will be in contact with you on the information of the products, and provide the services for all the time

Based on the products of the Inquiry/Order, the related sales will provide you with all the information which is necessary for your buying, including the price which will be determined by the buying department of the company, the detailed description of the products, the suggestion of the packing and the transportation, the payment terms and other necessary information to help you find the right products rapidly.

After getting the confirmation from the client about the products and the sales manager about the order details, the products will be sent to the production deparment of our company. And during the production, the quality control deparment of our company will make sure that the products are been produced exactly according to the order which be confirmed by the client. And make sure the quality canmeet the requirments of the client. Meanwhile, the related sales will monitor all the progress of the production and report every issue about the products to the client.

The documentary deparment of the company will confirm the shipping information, book the ship for the order, and prepare all the document for the transportation.

If complaint exists, the sales will report it to the manager, and the manager is responsible for dealing with it. All you need to do is just send us your demands and you will get the best service from us.


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Company Address:18th Floor of TaiFu Plaza, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China