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Steel vs. concrete


As raw material prices fluctuate, often so does building design. During times of lower steel prices, more steel and less concrete is used, and vice versa. Each set of vendors and users typically maintain national industry associations that advocate the use of its materials versus the other. However, both materials are typically used together. Concrete without steel reinforcement (usually ribbed round bars called Rebar) crumbles under tensile loads. Steel on its own, without solid concrete floors, is likewise not a preferred building method.
While rebar is almost always steel, it is not considered a structural steel and is described separately in the Rebar and Reinforced concrete articles. While both steel structures and Reinforced concrete cement(R.C.C)structures have their pros and cons,the steel structures have better strength to weight ratio than RCC, and can be easily dismantled(Steel structures,which have bolted connections can also be reused to some extent after dismantling).

- Roofing Sheet
Metal Roofing is a very versatile building material. It is durable. It can be used on residential, commercial, industrial, or agricultural buildings. It is not only used in roofing applications, but also may be used as a wall covering. There are many different profiles and styles available to fit most every building situation.
Metal roofing in New Construction
Metal roofing is ordered per each piece, whether it be in sheets, trims, or ridge material. When properly estimated, there is very little waste material in a new project. Sheets can be ordered and cut to exact lengths, allowing for less on the job cutting.
Metal roofing in Remodeling
Metal roofing is easily applied over an existing roof. Especially in situations where labor cost cutting is essential, the added value of not having to remove the existing roof material can be of a large help

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