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Steel Roofing Sheet / Roofing Tile


It's well known, that the steel roofing sheet and roof tile has been the most morden matieral to replace the traditional cements and concrate materials, it can be used on many area. The advantage of this products can save cost of the matierial and installation.

To avoid damage of the sheets during the loading and transportation, we suggest some common strong packing method for your reference.

The sheets can be cut into diffirent length according to your requirments. The longer sheets will face one problem is loading, we suggested to use extra support device to help liftting the sheets with a cran, and sides should be protected to stop them from deforming. and for the common size of the sheets, please check following sketch for some detailed reference.
From above sketch, maybe you noticed the center one, we mix loading the steel coils and the corrugated sheets, in this method, you can save more on freight cost. But please be noticed that the length of the sheets can not longer than the exact limit of the container, usually, we use 20' container to load coils and corrugated sheets instead of the 40' and 40'HQ containers. Because the load ability of the container based on the weight of the limitation. Normally, a 20' container can load 20-23 metric tons and the 40' containers as well, but the freight of the 40' container maybe will be double of the 20' container. Except you need longer sheets, we suggest you to define your sheets length less than the limitation of the length of the 20' container. Here, we'd like to list some data for the diffirent containers inner size( actual can be load in).
Type of container
Inner size
20' GP
5.85 x 2.23 x 2.15 m
40' GP
11.8 x 2.13 x 2.18 m
40' HQ
11.8 x 2.13 x 2.72 m

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