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Steel Coils


Any time, the steel coils can be used on roof, wall and other purpose, there several kinds of steel coils can be choosen:
1) Galvanized Steel Coils

When you going to buy the galvanized steel coils, please be noticed that please offer us more details of the steel coils to help us offer you the price and other specifications more accuracy such as thickness, width, zinc coating and spangle information. Our products range of galvanized steel coils from 0.12mm to 1.2mm. Normally, the width covered 914mm, 1000mm, 1200mm and 1219mm. When you going to order any width, please check the related documents for the terminal user to avoid any mistake under the order. The zinc coating is the one of the most important thing for galvanized steel coil. Normally, in market, the most well sold products, zinc coating is between 60g/sq.meter to 180g/sq.meter, but we can produce the coils according to your demands, for example, if you need the zinc coating should be 275g/sq.meter, you can just inform us the specification when you send your inquiry. But another thing you should be noticed is that the diffirent coating of the zinc the price will be floated based on that. Spangle shows on the surface of the coils, we provide the normal spangle, minimum spangle and large spangle for your choice. For diffirent use, maybe you will need the diffirent specifications of them, more clear of the information will help us more to offer you more suitable products. About the surface, we provide chrome and oiled to avoid any rust of the products, you can just point out when you order galvanized steel coils.

Inner diameter of the coils of our products is 508mm. We use sea safe packing as the normal packing method to avoid and damage during the transportation(for more information of the packing and transportation, please CLICK HERE.)

2) Pre painted Galvanized Steel Coil ( color coated steel coil)

Actually, the prepainted galvanized steel coil is a extention of Galvanized steel coils, the galvanized coil been coated by the paint, and this kind of products can be used on roofing sheet, roofing tile and wall and many other places. Except the parameters which have been provided above( please check galvanized steel coils section for this), also need another very important paramenters of the prepainted steel coils. Color Code, please CLICK HERE to get a sample color map of RAL Code( Ral code is a international color standard to make every color is exactly according to the demands).

Normal thickness of our paint is top: 20-25 micron, Bottom: 15-17 micron. The type of the paint is PE. The diffirent paint thickness will caurse the cost of the coils directly, please notice this.

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